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Kyle Doran

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Out of the frying pan... [Jul. 18th, 2034|10:54 pm]
Kyle Doran
[mood |stressedstressed]

A little advice: don't run Pickpocket in any sub-node owned by Kurita-Hillman. That Matrix_Dragon HICE will fuck your deck up. All my RAM and storage was fried, and it's going to cost me over five grand to repair the damage. I've never seen anything like it before; I'm not even sure I understand how it can do that shit.

I've decided to take a break from decking for a little while - and I do mean despite the fact that I have no access apart from a POS public terminal. These last couple days made me realize I haven't got shit for resources right now. I need to build up some cred, more than enough to fix my deck, so that I'll have some reserves to draw from. I'm not getting anywhere right now, so hopefully my new strategy will eventually improve my situation.

Hopefully I'll be back to business as usual in a day or three. We'll see.
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Pick up the pace... [Jul. 15th, 2034|12:14 pm]
Kyle Doran
[mood |pissed offpissed off]

Welp, that was a first. Dying I mean. So I wake up in the vat right, stumble out, vomit all the shit outta my lungs. I find that my credstick is actually beefier than I remembered at my last update; of course, buying a new clone fixed that. Anyway, I get back to my apartment ASAP, and I ran down the fucking streets naked, mind you. I go inside and fucking see myself laying dead on the floor next to a Mindseye II. Here's the fun part: I had to fucking undress my corpse, and after putting the very same fucking clothes back on my new body, I fucking drug myself outside and left myself in the street. Holy shit. Now maybe to some people this isn't unusual, but I've never had to fucking do this before, understand.

Anyway, I guess I bought this deck and was fucking around in cyberspace and got my ass killed. How, I don't know. My old self's DNI was thoroughly fried though. I'm pretty damn sure I was scythed, because I don't fuck around with high level HICE. Of course, I don't think I've made anybody mad at me, so it would have to have been just a fucking random attack. I have no proof. Not that it really matters anyway. And now I'm fucking broke again. The deck's okay at least, and it's a pretty fucking nice one too. I'll need to upgrade it soon though.


Do I say 'fuck' a lot? Like, too much? No one's ever complained about it, but I notice it alot in this entry.

Oh well, fuck it.
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Moving right along... [Jul. 12th, 2034|07:02 pm]
Kyle Doran
[mood |pleasedpleased]

Things are finally looking up. First off, I got accepted at Bill Phiber-Optik's. The job sucks ass, but for 300 cred an hour it'll do. Even better, I finally found someone who'll sell me a deck. And it's a Mindseye II no less! Unfortunately, it's going to cost eight thousand credits, but no one ever said decking was a cheap pastime. I may end up having to sleep in a coffin for awhile once I get it, but it's all good. I'm just ready to get back on the Net again.
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The Daily Grind [Jul. 11th, 2034|06:29 pm]
Kyle Doran
[mood |bitchybitchy]

God, NC has got to be the biggest waste of space on the planet (next to the wastelands). I've been doing nothing but shitty delivery jobs since I moved downtown. It keeps me in my apartment, sure, but my skills should be worth more to somebody in this town. I applied for a position working with electronics in a factory on Hosaka to try and bring in some more steady cred. But I can't believe how dull this city is; you'd think with all the corporations there'd be some kind of scandalous shit going on or something worth getting involved in, but I sure as hell can't find it.
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Home sweet home... [Jun. 17th, 2034|03:21 pm]
Kyle Doran
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Well, I finally moved out. And none too soon either; I just completely fried my deck the other day. It's a shame too, I've been using that deck for, like... five years now. Anyway, I decided it was best that I get out and find some work -- stealing deck parts is tiring. (And it's gotten riskier; I think the guy that owns the electronic store may be on to me) I figured I could find a cheap apartment closer to the center of town, where all the corporation headquarters are. I knew there'd be someone around here who needed some work done.

So here I am, in the inner city now, connecting through a public terminal. First I found a bank and opened an account, then went and got an apartment at one of the public housing condos. (Mom would be so proud...) I've been listening around, and from what I hear, the best people to go to for quick cred is this guy Kingpin that owns the Bowl-o-rama, and a woman named Janya at the Intrigue casino. I'll be checking in with them soon, but for now, it looks like I'm set.

...but damned if I don't miss having a deck!
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