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Kyle Doran

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Home sweet home... [Jun. 17th, 2034|03:21 pm]
Kyle Doran
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Well, I finally moved out. And none too soon either; I just completely fried my deck the other day. It's a shame too, I've been using that deck for, like... five years now. Anyway, I decided it was best that I get out and find some work -- stealing deck parts is tiring. (And it's gotten riskier; I think the guy that owns the electronic store may be on to me) I figured I could find a cheap apartment closer to the center of town, where all the corporation headquarters are. I knew there'd be someone around here who needed some work done.

So here I am, in the inner city now, connecting through a public terminal. First I found a bank and opened an account, then went and got an apartment at one of the public housing condos. (Mom would be so proud...) I've been listening around, and from what I hear, the best people to go to for quick cred is this guy Kingpin that owns the Bowl-o-rama, and a woman named Janya at the Intrigue casino. I'll be checking in with them soon, but for now, it looks like I'm set.

...but damned if I don't miss having a deck!